katherine, 19
is there anybody going to listen to my story, all about the girl who came to stay?
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best friend, kelsaroo, and myself before the real fun began!
friends and i for new years!
new clothes. obvs can’t show them in a normal way so here. i’m so happy.
my outfit today made me happy. so here. 
my feelings of today can be captured in this one picture.
what the fuck, college stop kickin’ my ass. k thanks.
today i have:
psych at 8 am
CDMA at 9 am
therapist (30 minutes walk there and back) at 11 am
quick lunch around 12:20
math exam at 1
jkasdhfgglkasfhgs. yeah.
school girl for last night, 50s housewife for tonight? i think..
i love him. 
so in an effort to better myself and my life, i’m making changes.

1. no partying/rarely partying on weekdays.

2. library once a day or once every other day

3. art studio once a day

4. start taking ADD meds again so i’m legitimately productive

5. do the reading outside of class and take notes so in class, i got my shit together

6. take care of myself- i.e. start doing my hair again, keep my nails looking nice (no chips in the paint, etc), use the gradual day by day tanner, always lay out a chic and comfy outfit at night for the next day, etc.

7. start seeing the therapist (gulp.)

side noteeeee: i met this really awesome dude in the painting studio tonight (i think its karma for actually going there and stuff). gave him my number. he was REALLY cute- in that tall dark handsome and artistic kinda way. and he was kinda dorky too though when he spoke, so i wasn’t all nervous. 

i’d seen him in the studio a bunch and just struck up a conversation due to my newfound confidence, and voila, shit happens. 

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last spam of me for the day. LOOK WHO LOST WEIGHT. hell yes guys. hell yes.

why did i not realize how fucking amazing my stomach looked here? okay. no more junk food. no no.