katherine, 19
is there anybody going to listen to my story, all about the girl who came to stay?
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So Jesus Christ I’ve binged ate enough food to feed a small country. Time for a 3 day diet!! Of air.

Such important aspects of my life, y’all! *fake woo*

No but actually I think the amount of cheese puffs I’ve consumed can’t be healthy..

OKAY TMI TUESDAY but first threeway ever last night and it was fucking awesome.

and theres still a week left. holla.

Every now and then I’m reminded that everything happens for a reason.

temptation comes and goes but i’m grateful i have a sweet man to go home to when the day’s over.

So in two hours I’ll be failing a horrifically complex exam.

Honestly, studying would have been a real help with this. But naturally when I get scared about shit I do something to get my mind off it. So my last 24 hours have been filled with Netflix, sex, eating, more sex (honestly it was from about 9-1130. like what the fuck am i doing with my life), and then by the time I got home I started a study guide, helped S with his homework, and then we went to bed. So I went to class this morning, then went to pick up food. I came home and set up a television. Then I decided to just lay in my bed with my eyes closed and rest, not sleep cause Im on ADD meds, but just rest. Then eventually, OH HEY I HAVE TO STUDY FOR A HUGE EXAM. So I’ve been working on it since then and its a cross between utterly overwhelming and completely frightening. 

Then I get to go sleep for 4 hours and go to my first sorority party here. Aka I’m freakin’ out a bit for that as well.

I just want to go to the beach and sleep and eat a lot. Is that too much to ask? 

for a while i forgot why i ever would feel so strongly about cutting and heavily drinking when i was home, but uh, oh yeah i remember now. thanks mom.

smirnoff and a razor woooo my tuesday nights

THIS. LITERALLY THIS. i couldn’t have said it better myself.
yay another breakup. can’t stop crying. woohoo!
FUCK as if i wasn’t already going to die studying for accounting and french, i have a math test tomorrow that counts as 20% of my grade. fuck me. seriously.
the worst part about having a roommate is when you just want to start bawling and you can’t.

seriously i would feel so much better if i could. well. maybe.

djkelhfjk eeeep i actually have a boyfriend

this is so exciting